KOMORI Press Technical Engineers

Jim Davis, formerly of HRB Incorporated and the Komori-HRB Corporation, formed Integrated Graphic Solutions, LLC in April 2003. Jim has spent his entire working life in a pressroom. He became interested in printing as a young boy growing up in Philadelphia, where he learned the trade by shadowing his Dad on the weekends. His father managed the pressroom in a large high quality plant. In 1982 he began his career with the Lasky Company in their web division. In 1984 he started with Penn Colour Graphics, a premier pre-press and commercial lithography company. It was at Penn Colour where Jim was introduced to the superb quality of a Komori offset printing press and where he began his quest to learn all he could about printing technology and the right way to print. His insatiable intellectual curiosity about printing continues today.

Competitive pressure on printing production and quality standards continued to force management to utilize new technology and to keep their presses operating at peak performance. This is where the fundamentals of lithography are so important. Do the basics very well and success is repeatable. That same thinking applies today.

In 1991 Jim brought his experience and mechanical aptitude to Cincinnati, OH. Jim joined HRB Incorporated, the largest Komori dealership in the US, as a Printing Demonstrator/ Service Technician. Due to his ability to adapt and learn and to communicate that knowledge, he quickly rose to senior demonstrator and was instrumental in the growth of HRB.

Throughout the years Jim has received certifications through various factory initiated training programs. Certifications such as:

  • Printing Press Mechanical Theory and Repair
  • Operator Training
  • Mechatronics operation
  • Komori PDC-S scanning spectrophotometer specialist
  • Komori Press Primer sales course
  • Principles of Sales and Marketing from Xavier University

In 2000 Jim was promoted to Product Manager. He was able to combine his thorough knowledge of printing, his demonstrated ability to teach others what he knew, with his grasp of the new press and prepress technology. Jim possesses the knowledge and experience to assist management in producing improved results in their pressroom by assessing pressroom conditions and practices, providing press service, training press crews to fully utilize the latest technology to achieve lower costs of production.

With over 200 Komori sheet fed press start ups and installations, Jim’s attention to detail and technical ability are well known throughout the Ohio Valley and Midwest regions. Integrated Graphic Solutions continues the tradition of “dedication to service” by offering superb technical assistance. Our bundled approach to service in most cases means only one technician is needed to meet all your training and service needs.